How It Works

It is my intent to post an image once a week as I embark on the journey of My View. As I get the hang of this blogging thing, I will probably post more often. I’ll update this section with the new schedule when that happens.

My hope is to post the weekly image on Sunday night or Monday morning of each week. That may vary due to work and teaching schedules, but I will try to keep that schedule. I appreciate your patience when I don’t meet the schedule. I will do my best to notify everyone of times when I will not be able to meet the schedule.

If you’ve not read the opening Welcome page or the About Marti section, I encourage you to do so to as I talked about my reasons for starting this blog on those pages.

In order to post your comments, please page down the page just passed the image in my post. There, you will see a “comment ( )” on the right side of the image. Click on that and it will take you to all the comments that have been made.

In order to post a comment, you do have to be a registered user. It’s easy to do, free and your email address is not shared with anyone.

Should you encounter any problems with this blog, please contact me.

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