About Our Workshops

My Teaching Style

One of my passions is teaching and inspiring others to be their highest vision of themselves as artists. I pursue this passion by teaching the art of photography, working with each individual to educate and motivate. In addition to the technical aspects, one of my objectives is to encourage photographers to capture the spirit and energy of a place or person in photographs.

My teaching style includes classroom lectures, presentations and demonstrations, as well as plenty of field shooting sessions and constructive critiques of images. I am 100% available to my students both in the classroom and in field. I never shoot for myself during a workshop. I fully understand the amount of time, money and energy it takes to attend a workshop. My goal is to make each workshop as educational, inspiring and fun as possible for those participating in my workshops. I am extremely grateful to those who have attended my workshops in the past and the future as they allow me the chance to do what I love.

My Pledge to You

Thank you for considering  a workshop with Marti Jeffers Photography.

Marti Jeffers Photography, Inc. offers workshops that are of extremely high value. Our average student to teacher ratio is one of the lowest in the business. Our instructors are working professional photographers who have an intense passion for sharing and inspiring. We fully recognize the commitment of time, energy and money it takes for you to attend a workshop. We work very hard to be the best at intimately knowing our locations, providing a wealth of high quality information via excellent presentations and one on one help in the field, presenting extremely supportive and highly detailed image reviews, and doing all of this in an energy rich, supportive environment where inspiration and having fun never take a back seat to anything.

During the workshops, our complete focus is on you, the participant.

Our instructors do not shoot their own work when they are with students on our workshops.

If you see an instructor photographing, they are either shooting images of the participants engaging in the workshop for public relation purposes, shooting something that is to be used for educational purposes during the workshop, or demonstrating something for a participant(s).

Marti Jeffers Photography, Inc. fully realizes that in addition to the education business we are in the inspiration business, and ultimately, we are a service business. We are here to serve you. Your complete satisfaction with your workshop experience is our pledge. After all, the majority of our workshop participants are repeat customers and we know as well as anyone that we only get one chance to make an awesome first impression.

For more detailed information, please see About Our Workshops on the main website.

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