Rainy Night on River Street

Hello and welome to My View for Monday, May 25, 2009.

Hello Everyone,

Happy Memorial Day to all of you celebrating this day in the USA.

It’s been almost a month since I posted anything to My View. I appreciate your patience and your support while I was so very busy with teaching and with The Mindful Eye.

Last Thursday, I returned home to Atlanta after two months on the road, except for one stretch of 7 days and a couple of other days. It’s been an amazing two months and I’m not sure that I can describe all the things that have happened accurately — or that I’ll even try. What I will do is to post as many images as I can from the extended road trip and talk about those. I started posting some images from this marathon road trip on the two previous posts to My View.

This image is one that I took after the end of the absolutely amazing Next Step Workshop in Savannah that was held from March 22 – 28. Every day during the abnormally cool week-long workshop, dark clouds loomed and rain threatened. But, it held off — until the Saturday evening after the workshop ended. And, then — it rained, and rained, and rained. Rained so that streets of Savannah flooded.

Today’s image was taken on Sunday night after the workshop from the upstairs dining porch of Fiddler’s Crab House down on River Street. The fantastic photographer and photography teacher with whom I work, Craig Tanner, and I had stayed over in Savannah for a few days in order to get some work done for The Mindful Eye. It had been storming for most of the day that Sunday, but the rain slacked off enough for a few hours so that we could walk from our hotel down to River Street for dinner. As we were waiting for dinner to be served, I noticed all the lights and colors reflecting from a wet River Street.

As always, your comments and critiques are most welcome.

Rainy River Street

Rainy Night on River Street

Savannah, GA
Canon 1Ds Mark II, Canon 50mm 1.4 lens, ISO 1600, 1/45 sec, f/1.4, handheld.

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11 Responses to Rainy Night on River Street

  1. wes says:

    What an engaging abstract, Marti. I would never have known had you not told us that it was River Street in Savannah. But, as I continue to look at this image, I can see flags, the shine on one of the rails for the trolley and maybe cars parked in the parking lot. I love the bokeh of the lights and the dark blue patch of sky (?) in the upper left corner. Nice that you could get out for a walk and dinner.

    Now you are getting ready for the Atlanta weekend, I presume. Hopefully you are more rested than the last time I saw you.

    Glad you are back to posting your blog.


  2. LakeLady says:

    Marti, this is a lovely image. The brightness that Wes mentions reminds me of the energy of River Street in Savannah. It gives an energy to the image. I also like that you were not at ground level for this shot.


  3. tedbyrne says:

    Too many people want to find danger through their city lenses. They want to switchblade away the rich color and warmth then swirl around foggy grit and crank the contrast way up above 100%. They see the city over an alto ax soundtrack clearing its reeds in nervous upper registers.

    Like you have here, I feel city nights on waves of a syrupy tenor saxophone blown low, slow, and breathy. You can sense that help is always nearby and that shadows are – not for trembling – but hugging. Cities sparkle gem-like in their neon and tungsten. Hmmm – feel those cobblestones giving back the day’s heat? Sense that horn against the city’s pulse?

    Night time city color is an emotion Marti. After-hours, the city drops her sticks and teases with brushes on cymbals. Even through still air, it throbs. You’ve caught her romance.

  4. martijeffers says:

    Hi Wes, Becky and Ted:

    Thanks so much for stopping by. After my long absence, I really appreciate your kind comments.

    Wes, the upper left corner is a patch of dark blue-gray clouds. I pushed hard on the blue to bring it out in post processing. And, Becky, it’s nice to see you here. Yes, River Street has it’s own energy. It was subdued on this evening because of the rain, but the rain seemed to enhance the lights and colors of the street.

    Ted, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your always eloquent words. Your description of a city at night is so very much what I feel. Brushes on cymbals, rather than sticks on skin, is a perfect description!! An emotion it is. I’m glad that the emotion came through in this image.

  5. tonebytone says:

    Marti – welcome back to your own blog, lol! I love this image. I recognize those flags, even tho I’ve seen them only from below. I love that you shot this wide open and hand held. But 1/45th second should have produced at least something in focus – yet all is blurred in one big impressionistic snap of River St seen from above. So did you deliberately shot out-of-focus?

    Ted’s comments are so eloquent, that anything else I could add would be shallow and superfluous. But this is one image of Savannah that I’ll remember very fondly.


  6. MCampbell says:

    I am not easy with abstracts and my first impression was a bit of confusion. As I relaxed into the image the flags became apparent then I started getting a story like a humm and whisper. Your back story filled in some details but the image hold up on its own for me.

    This is a powerful image of a place far away for me. It could be Savannah but it could be just as easily Italy or anywhere else in the world where people come together and dream about home.

    A rainy night in Georgia…feels like it is raining all over the world is what I get from this. Thanks for the image.

  7. martijeffers says:

    Hi Flo and Mike,

    Thank you both for being here and, especially, thank you for being on our recent Lensbaby workshop in Savannah. It was a fun workshop and you both added to the pleasure.

    Flo, yes it is all out of focus on purpose. I’m getting back to shooting “my style”. :) I just loved all the colors in the rain and the lights on the street and the river. When I let my own eyes drift out of focus, this is what I saw. I’m glad you like the image.

    Mike, thank you for your kind comments. I like your analogy to a hum or whisper. It was “raining all over the world” — at least the Savannah world — for several days. The rain tends to quieten down the streets and this is especially true at night, as fewer folks are out partying on River Street. The sounds of the street were much more like whispers that Sunday night.

  8. mikeh says:

    Marti, Welcome back and thanks for being away at the lensbaby workshop. You add so much to the experience. I love your image, its exactly how I remember Savannah. Bright colors, river street, a little rain, sounds and of course bokeh… I like your style, I’m in search of mine and beginning to think that in “search off” is my style. Anyway keep it up at least till you’re ready to change. MikeH

  9. martijeffers says:

    Hi Mike — Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments. “Seeking” is a perfectly acceptable style!! One that we all find ourselves in a lot of the time.

    Thanks for being on the Lensbaby workshop. It was great fun and you added so much to it by being there.

  10. aprilS says:

    So often I love what the camera shows me out-of-focus, yet on playback it seems there’s not enough for a viewer to hang to. But this image conveys all the energy of that rainy riverfront sunset — I can feel it, *and* place myself on the balcony leaning over to look up the street or sitting back to look across the way, drink in hand. :)

    What a wonderful “view” you have.

  11. martijeffers says:

    April, it’s great to see you here. Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for your comments!!

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