Facelift and Lensbaby Focus Technique

Hello and welome to My View for Saturday April 30, 2011.

As I have been remiss in regular postings to this blog this year, I wanted to get one more in for the month of April.

First, some news.   My main website, which has not been updated since 2006, got a major facelift this week.   My friend, web mistress, and former co-worker in the corporate world — seems like a lifetime ago — , Kel Kyle, created this new look.   Kel has been taking care of my site for several years.  She, along with another good friend and writer, Joann Ellis,  worked together to create this new look.    If you are in need of a website, I can highly recommend Kel.   Thank you so much, Kel and Jo, for all the work you put into this!!!!

Next, I would like to share a technique for focusing the Lensbaby that I learned from a participant on the Callaway Gardens and Warm Springs workshop earlier in April.   Mitch, one of the participants, turned in Lensbaby images for critique sessions that had an amazing amount of sharpness in them, even when the Lensbaby was bent off center.  I commented on this as I was critiquing Mitch’s images.  As my eyes age, I find it more and more difficult to focus the Lensbaby if it is bent to one side.   Later, Mitch was kind enough to show me how he did this — a very simple technique that makes one say “DUH!  Why did I not think of that!!”    Now, I call it “Mitch’s Technique”!!

What Mitch does is to compose his image with the Lensbaby,  focus it as well as he can and then — using Live View on his camera  – magnify the area where he wants focus and continue to refine the focus.   A simple and elegant technique!!  Thanks Mitch.  Of course, this technique can be used with the Lensbaby as well as any other lens.  Just make sure your other lens is set to manual focus.

This is a shot I took using Mitch’s technique after I returned home from the Callaway workshop.   Fortunately, the azaleas in my yard were still in bloom.

As always, I very much appreciate your comments and critiques. They make me a better photographer, aid in my growth as a person and offer me new experiences.


Azaleas in the Yard

April, 2011, Roswell, Georgia

Canon 5D Mark II, Lensbaby Composer with f/2.8 aperture ring, ISO 100,  1/180 sec, Bogen Neotec tripod

Thank you for visiting My View.

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5 Responses to Facelift and Lensbaby Focus Technique

  1. tonebytone says:

    Marti, I’m very glad you took a little time out to make another post in your blog. I love this azalea Lensbaby image. Mitch certainly helped a lot of us by telling us what he does with Lensbaby to get the focus incredibly sharp.

    One thing that needs added is that the camera almost has to be mounted on a tripod, unless you happen to be the steadiest person in the whole world, lol.

    Many thanks to Mitch! YEA!!!

    I like the clean uncluttered new look of your website. However, I do have one request: change that photo of yourself! You have so many more that – IMHO, that is – are so much better. This one doesn’t really show your face and is shot from a low POV. This makes the lower part of your body larger in relation to your face and head. Plus, your personality is so much more colorful than a monochrome image indicates! I’d love to see your sparkling personality in COLOR! :-)


  2. bobdein says:

    Congratulations on the progression of your career. Comments about your Calloway Gardens workshop reflect a resounding success. Have a great time in New Mexico.


  3. martijeffers says:

    Hi Flo and Bob,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and for your suggestions, Flo. I’ll certainly consider them all. And, thanks for your comments Bob. Yes, I’m returning to being a photographer and teacher.

  4. LakeLady says:

    Between the color of the Azaleas and the lens baby technique – they look like they are aflame. Beautiful subject for the lens baby and so well done.

  5. punctumsaliens says:

    So much energy, so much power and emotional density. Glad I finally made it to your blog, for I find so much inspiration in your work. Thank you very much!


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