Hello and welome to My View for Friday, January 7, 2011.

Welcome to the first My View post of 2011. I hope all of you had a great first week of the new year.

As I noted in last week’s post, one of my reasons for backing out of my responsibilities to The Mindful Eye is so that I can spend more time with my family and friends. Although I enjoyed all the travel of the last four years, I have missed a lot of my life with others. One of the things I’ve missed is our annual family reunion on my father’s side. The family reunion is held in late September on my great-grandfather’s farm in south Georgia, just north of the Florida state line. It is a reunion that has been held since my great-grandfather lived there, with the exception of a very few years. Family members come from all over the US and, a few times, England to be there.

This past week, I found myself going back to images I’d taken in the past at the reunion. The last time I was able to be there was in 2007, as I’ve traveled at that time of the year to teach since then. At that reunion, my young cousin, Landen, was the youngest member in attendance. I thought that this image of him, less than a year old at the time, with his Mom might be a good way to celebrate our new year — so young yet and so full of promise.

As always, I very much appreciate your comments and critiques. They make me a better photographer, aid in my growth as a person and offer me new experiences.



South Georgia
September, 2007

Canon 5D, Canon 28-70 f/2.8 lens at 70mm, ISO 400, f/4.0, 1/350 second, hand held.

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14 Responses to Landen

  1. Francie says:

    Marti, he is adorable, what a terrific picture! I am so glad that these recent changes you have made will give you more time with family! I love how he is the only part of the image totally in focus, and the energy you capture of his “whole body smile”!
    I hope to see you in 2011. :-)

  2. martijeffers says:

    Hey Francie –

    Thank you so much for stopping by. I so appreciate all of the support you’ve given me. I hope to see you in 2011, also. I’ll let you know the next time I’m in Tallahassee.

  3. amanessinger says:

    Ecstatic joy if I ever saw some :)


  4. DELBRAJAN says:

    It’s impossible to look at this photo and not smile. It spreads viral happiness. Just LOOK AT THOSE DIMPLES!!!!! Great shot, Marti. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. PeteTucker says:

    Marti – You’ve captured utter, innocent, pure happiness. Great shot! I’ve been a bit busy the last couple of months, and this was the first I heard you were moving on to other adventures. Best wishes for the future – Rita and I had a great time in Savannah at Next Step with you. Thanks again for including her.


  6. AmyO says:

    Besides the wonderful smiles, I love the composition of this shot, and how well it shows the relationship between Landen and mom – shifting the focus from one generation to the next!

  7. martijeffers says:

    Thank you all for being here. Landen — as the youngest ones do — stole the show at the family reunion in 2007. And, Amy, there was another generation involved. If I remember correctly, he was responding to his grandmother who was returning to the picnic table, along with his great-grandfather, my uncle.

  8. LakeLady says:

    DIMPLES – Marti, what a fantastic subject, how could you go wrong. :) The closeness of Mom and baby finishes this off perfectly. Beautiful image!

  9. wes says:

    What a great icon for happiness, Marti. You caught mother and child enjoying the moment and while looking at them, I had to laugh, too. Sort of like knocking down the first dominoe and then having the others fall. Laughter is so addictive and healthy. This little guy has a good start on life.


  10. Micky MB says:

    Love this, Marti. I have to agree with Wes. Happiness and smiles are so addictive. Beautiful job.


  11. tonebytone says:

    Marti, what a precious little baby! A whole body laugh, indeed. He looks like some kids do when they get tickled.

    Now next Sep when you go to the reunion, you’ll have to get him standing and laughing with his 3-yr-old whole body laugh! Then you can make a diptych.


  12. says:

    What a beautiful candid portrait of mom and baby! Seeing a laughing baby seems to erase all the negativity going on in the world. You can’t help but smile and feel good when you see this picture. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Tony Reynes says:


    It is a wonderful shot. It shows the innocent enthusiasm of the baby and the love of the woman/mom. It is shot in soft shade so the tone and light are soft. To my liking, I would love to see an option where the light and warmth are a little upped on the infant.

    Nice work,


  14. martijeffers says:

    Thank you so much, everyone, for taking the time to stop by with your comments and suggestions. It means a lot to me to know that you are there with your support and suggestions for changes. Tony, I will give your suggestion a try.

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